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Brookhaven water well begins spewing sand

Something unusual has taken place at the home of a Brookhaven family.

Their water well went foul, then began spewing sand.

They say when they reported it their contractor told them it's "not my problem"

The Hendersons moved into a trailer home on the property 7 months ago. Back in 2012 they had a water well put in knowing they would move to this property. 

They say 3 weeks ago the fresh water stopped flowing freely, sand spewed into the toilet, water heater, and other pipes.

Vertis Henderson told us "We don't have no water, we need help. All I want is another well. You can't wash your clothes I can't cook unless I go to my brother in law's house and get water. I have to go to the washer and wash all our clothes when I have a washer and dryer in my house I can't use."

The local contractor told us he tried to repair the problem in March by replacing pumps that cost him $2,000.00 plus labor.

Larry Easley also said the water well only had a 1 year warranty and ran out in June of 2013.

"He didn't tell us at first we had no warranty. All he wanted was his money, we gave him his money and he gave us our receipt. He didn't say nothing about no warranty until he came over here and messed up the well this time," according to Henderson.

The contractor says he is no longer responsible and has no idea what's wrong with the well.

How do you avoid these disputes? The Better Business Bureau suggests when you have work on your home or property to always get everything in writing and get 3 bids from contractors. Something the Henderson's did not do.

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