McDaniel talks agenda and cutting illegitimate functions of government

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Candidates US Senator Thad Cochran and State Senator Chris McDaniel have just eight more days until polls open for the run-off for the republican nomination for senate. On Monday McDaniel was back in South Mississippi meeting with voters.

WLOX News caught up with him in Moss Point.

Dozens of McDaniel supporters came out to Catfish Point in Moss Point for a meet and greet.

"I'm just real excited about what his thoughts and philosophies are they line up with mine and the way I was raised," said Angela Sims.

"Well I'm here to finally get the opportunity to meet Chris McDaniel. I've been looking forward to it. Hearing a lot of good things about him and so I felt like it was a good thing to stop by and see what he was all about," said Joshua Knowles.

Former Cochran supporter Mike Cauley says he wants new representation in Washington.

"My family decided that we need a change and that he would be a very good senator. And we have prayed for him. And we have told people that he would be a real blessing to our state," said Cauley.

"The very foundations of this country are speaking to you tonight to your heart to your soul. You know this country it in trouble," said State Senator Chris McDaniel.

With just a few more days left until the primary runoff, McDaniel says he's going to continue pushing his agenda to secure a win.

"Our agenda includes, first of all, the full repeal of Obamacare. Secondly, we're going to impose term limits. Third, we're going to reform the tax code completely where it's more fair for everyone including the individual income tax and the corporate income tax," said McDaniel.

When asked how he would help the struggling Federal Highway Trust Fund, McDaniel said he would cut what he calls "illegitimate functions of government."

"Not only do you have duplicative agencies that are problematic, doing the same thing, redundant services you likewise have billions of dollars of pork waste in other programs that could be illuminated," said McDaniel.

Perhaps the biggest message at his meet and greet was the need to get Mississippi out of debt saying, "It's immoral to saddle it on our children."

Senator Thad Cochran spent the end of last week campaigning around South Mississippi. On Monday the incumbent senator met with voters in East Mississippi. Also on Monday, Cochran, along with Senator Roger Wicker and Congressman Steven Palazzo sent a letter to FEMA asking them to approve re-imbursement funds for Jackson County for post hurricane recovery.

The run-off election is next Tuesday. The deadline to vote absentee is this Saturday.

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