Model airplane club wraps up Spring Fly-In

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - There were several colorful planes performing stunts while flying over a small part of Harrison County Saturday. The pilots for these planes weren't in the air; they were on the ground moving the controls.

This was the final day of the Mississippi Coast Radio Control Club's (MCRCC) Spring Fly-In at the Harrison County Model Airplane Park. As WLOX News found out, organizers say this is their equivalent to Cruisin' the Coast.

Members of the Mississippi Coast Radio Control Club are model airplane enthusiasts and this weekend was their time to show off their remote controlled models during the Spring Fly-In.

Their love for this hobby involves months, if not years of practice and camaraderie.

"We love it a lot. We've got guys who are here at the field who have been doing this for 40 plus years," said MCRCC Spring Fly-In event coordinator Kenny Chandler.

The members say they enjoy the educational and hands on aspects to this pastime.

"We all in some form or another wrecked one. So you have to know how to put them back together. They are airplanes," said MCRCC President Steve McDonald.

The planes, which vary in size from 42 percent the size of an actual airplane to handheld ones, are either battery or gas powered and could last about half an hour in the air.

"Gas planes are going to last the longest. Some of those you can fly about 25 minutes if you wanted to. Problem is after about eight minutes of looking up in the sky your neck gets tired," said Chandler.

Once they've rested their necks they get right back up in sky. Members say this is an activity that creates bonds with people from all walks of life.

"You could be flying next to a physician, next to an electrician, a plumber, like me a groundskeeper. They are from all walks of life, but they all have that one passion and that's flying and this is a way to satisfy that passion," said McDonald.

The group is always looking for more members if you are interested in learning more about  MCRCC click here or email Kenny Chandler at

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