Gautier city officials say no to reality TV, locals say yes

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - On more coast city said thanks, but no thanks, to the idea of CMT's reality show "Party Down South" coming to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Gautier city officials tell us they have been contacted by the producers of the reality show that features young people drinking and partying in southern cities. A Gautier city councilman is proposing that the city officially ask the reality TV show producers to stay away, but not everyone in the city feels that way.

"I think we need the revenue in Gautier. There's nothing here right now," said one Gautier resident.

When it comes to the debate over "Party Down South" filming in South Mississippi, for some people, it's all about the money.

Julie Barton is a bartender at Just 1 More in Gautier. She is familiar with the show and thinks it's exciting to know it could be coming to her city, and even her bar.

"First of all, this is a bar. It's not church. We're all here to have a good time, and our regular customers are out to have a good time too. It's going to be great if they do come down here," Barton said. "I think it's great, you know. Kids are kids. They're not hiding what they're doing."

If city officials accept the request to ask CMT producers to not film in the city of Gautier, many take it as a way of losing much needed revenue.

"It's good for the revenue I would think. They're going to bring people with them. They're going to spend money while they're here, and God knows this town could use the money," said Danny Sanders, who is a regular at Just 1 More.

Although Sanders sees no problem with the young partying crew coming to the coast of Mississippi, he says he respects his city's officials.

"I do think they're losing some chances of revenue, but I mean, you know those are the people who are elected to run the town. So, I mean, I guess it's ultimately up to them," Sanders said.

The Gautier City Council will consider the resolution on Tuesday evening at the city's regular board meeting. You will recall, Ocean Springs aldermen passed a similar resolution last week, but the resolution is largely symbolic. Legally, the city can't stop the "Party Down South" crew from filming in South Mississippi.

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