Pascagoula soup kitchen ends home meal delivery program

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of elderly, home-bound and disabled persons in Jackson County will no longer have a free daily meal delivered to their door. Our Daily Bread soup kitchen in Pascagoula, ended its popular home meal deliveries on Friday, due to budget shortfalls.

The gloomy weather somehow seemed appropriate on this final day of meal deliveries. Folks will miss volunteers like Ray Lankford dropping off a hot meal for the home-bound and hurting.

Eugene Nettles accepted delivery for his brother-in-law.

"Well it's very important because he's down. He had a stroke and he can't get around," he said.

This charitable outreach once delivered two meals a day, until budget cuts in 2011 forced it to once a day only.

On the next stop, a man next door promised he'd get the hot meal to his elderly neighbor in need.

"Very important to this person cause he has to have them every day because he don't cook and he's unable to do anything," said the next door neighbor.

It's not just the elderly who benefit from these deliveries. Disabled and home-bound of any age have counted on these meals. One homebound man said he'd have to find an alternative to the meal deliveries.

"I'll have to try and find some other kind of means. Probably go to Pascagoula to the Catholic Diocese," he said.

Miss Flossie says she'll certainly miss this daily offering. She's a Type-one diabetic who has counted on this soup kitchen outreach.

"It means that I have plenty enough food to carry me from one part of the day to the next," said the Moss Point resident.

Since we first reported this story, Our Daily Bread has received several donations. But with a deficit of $30,000 it's a bit like putting a Band Aid on a wound which needs stitches.

Ray Lankford will certainly miss his daily routine of delivering hot meals and receiving a smile from so many. Though saddened about the home deliveries ending, he's not bitter.

"Where there's life, there's hope you know. Where there's life there's hope."

He's praying that somehow, some way these needs will still be met.

"Through God's grace it would be nice, it would be nice," he said.

Despite the delivery program ending, Our Daily Bread will continue to serve meals at the soup kitchen on Old Mobile Highway.

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