Creating Calamari in "Zimino" with Beau Rivage.


This is a very traditional Tuscan recipe that can be dated back to the 1400' ,when Livorno –very popular city on the coast of Tuscany – was one of the busiest center of commerce in the Mediterranean Sea.It has some Middle Eastern influence and some very practical cooking tips from the sailors.It was easy to find spices and green vegetables,calamari were at the reach of the hand and wine was safer than water to drink… Of course the tomatoes are a later and very welcomed addition to this delicious dish that can be found still today in many Trattorias and Restaurants on the Tuscan coasts.

Fresh calamari sauté with garlic and red onions,simmered in spicy tomato broth.Served with grilled garlic bread.

Recipe for 4 portions

3 pounds of fresh calamari

2 pounds of fresh spinach or Swiss chard,roughly cut in stripes

2 Tbls chopped garlic + 1 clove for the bread

1 loaf of bread/about 1 pound,sliced and grilled or toasted,spread with the fresh cloves of garlic

1 of cup thinly sliced red onions

¼ cup of EVOO

1  pound  of whole peeled tomatoes, chopped,drained from water

Drizzle dry white wine

¼ cup chopped fresh basil,1 tsp red chilly flakes,sprinkle of chopped  parsley to garnish, salt pepper TT

In a pan heat the EVOO and sizzle in the onions.Once they reach a nice golden color add the garlic,stir in the chilly flakes and the basil and add the calamari's tentacles.Let it cook a couple of minutes, add the rings and cook for about 5 minutes.Drizzle with the wine, let evaporate and add the chopped tomatoes.Adjust flavors with salt and pepper and let boil for about 10 minutes. Add your choice of spinach or Swiss chard,stir it in for a couple of minutes and taste.

Place the Inzimino in 4 serving bowls,add the slices of bread and sprinkle with the chopped parsley for garnish.

Information Source: Keisha Oliver

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