NASA Tested Device is Easing Joint Pain

Imagine getting rid of pain without the use of pills, ointments, or heating pads. A Florida doctor says he's invented equipment that will do just that. The devices are called "Jacobson Resonators," and are being tested and studied by several major Universities across the country including Mississippi State University. They look like some type of space age healing devices and in a way they are.

You see the prototype for the equipment was designed by NASA scientists and engineers at Stennis Space Center. The devices which are designed to eliminate pain from any part of the body, are already being used in Europe and Mexico and recently approved in Canada is awaiting F-D-A approval in the United States. The inventor, Dr. Jerry Jacobson said quote: " I can tell you that the level of skepticism is drastically diminishing through time. I've been at this for 22 years post discovery."

The main reason, patients like the ones taking part in a Mississippi State University study say the devices work and work well. Ronda Guice has two herniated disc in her lower back. She says the pain radiates down her thighs and then to her ankles. " It eases the tension in my lower back and has allowed it to relax where the pain is not near what it was. It's just amazing".

Betty Miller is also a patient " As I'm laying in here now I can feel the sensation of the force field resonating through my entire body and the pain is almost gone. I really can't feel it now. Dr. Jacobson says " 97 percent of the patients receive statically significant benefit on the average level of pain reduction of 53.25 percent." The resonators use a low level magnetic field to treat problem areas. " When we emerge a body part in a magnetic field that is natural to the body it renormalizes the magnetic profile because disease changes the magnetic profile of tissue. We renormalize the magnetic profile of tissue."

The devices are being manufactured at this electrical machine shop in Harrison County. F-D-A approval in the U.S. could mean new production jobs. For more information on the Resonators you can log onto JRSE.COM or contact B.E.A.R. Electrical Apparatus & Repair INC. at 831-0445.