Page 13: A trip to Happy Hollow

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The unmistakable sound of a chainsaw echoes through the trees on a unique piece of property in Gulfport.

"All of this wood is natural. It's a gift from nature," said David Jones, owner of Happy Hollow Landscapes and Mississippi Wood Products.

Wood is stacked everywhere on the one acre site. The variety of wood runs the gamut.

"From water oak to live oak and pecan, you name it, we have it," Jones said.

Jones creates what he calls "wood art" that can be found at various stores and shops. He also makes chairs and furniture, and during the winter months he sells plenty of firewood.

Then there's the historic house on the property.

"It was built in 1898 in old Handsboro, in Happy Hollow," said Jones.

Why do they call it Happy Hollow?

"One of the largest whiskey stills in Mississippi was busted here in this hollow," Jones said, with a wry smile on his face.

Jones wants to turn this house into a museum and art gallery. He considers himself a conservationist.

"We're keeping the wood from rotting in the landfill. The wood is brought to us, and we use it for furniture and firewood," Jones said.

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