Baseball fans in Biloxi speak out about team name finalists

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - WLOX took a trip to a local sports restaurant to find out which of the six finalists for the Biloxi baseball team name search is the most, and least, popular.

As it turns out, there isn't a clear favorite between Beacon, Black Jacks, Mullets, Schooners, Shrimpers and Shuckers. In fact, a majority of the baseball fans that were asked would still like to be able to submit their choice for a different name.

Zak Ducote would prefer to have the team open up a write-in vote once again. While he says his top pick would've been the Biloxi Bombers, at least one of the six finalists will gain his approval.

"I think I would have to choose Shuckers," Ducote said. "I think that name encompasses the culture of the gulf coast. Biloxi, especially."

"Shuckers is a good name," Emaleigh Poulos said. "But another good one is Black Jacks. It reminds me of something off The Incredibles. The little baby because it was so mean."

"I have a lot of friends that I talk about this with and they all seem to be on board with Schooners," Brian McGrath said. "I think it sounds great and it's a great representation of our city."

For the most part, however, fans are still in disapproval of the final six team names from which they can choose.

"First of all, you want it to be sporty because it's a baseball team," Reighlyn Poulos. "I really don't like any of the names. If I had to pick a name, it's Biloxi, so maybe the Biloxi Cruisers."

"I think they're all dumb," David Carleton said. "I think they could do a little better. If those are the finalists they chose, I don't think they chose from a very big pool of suggestions."

The voting will continue through Sunday night. While the name might be decided in the next week or so, it might not be approved for another few months because Minor League Baseball must approve the team name.