McDaniel brings post-primary campaign to the Coast

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - With the primaries behind us and only two weeks until a run-off election, the remaining Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate are hitting the road to spread their message. State Sen. Chris McDaniel swept through the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Monday to meet with supporters in hopes of getting closer to a Senate seat in Washington, D.C.

"We made history last Tuesday," said McDaniel.

He said he knew the race wasn't over.

"Since that evening, we immediately hit the ground again," said McDaniel.

To get to Washington, he must beat incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran. To try to boost his votes, he decided to take one of the first legs of his post-primary campaign south and made a stop at Gautier City Hall. A few of his coastal platforms include industry and the armed forces that helped build this area.

"So, let's talk Mississippi. Let's talk about ship building. Let's talk about Ingalls. Let's talk about the important nature of the military to our state and what it means. Let's talk about the fact that I'm going to fight for the military, and I'm going to fight for the ship building industry," said McDaniel.

McDaniel says his strategy is the same as it was before the primaries. He wants to assure voters that he will fight for conservative values. That's something that Lynn Rouse, of Pascagoula, likes to hear.

"I've been in the Republican Party 34 years. I've been a supporter for Thad for 30 years, but I couldn't support him this time," said Rouse.

Lynn switched loyalties because of the principles that he sees in McDaniel. One of those is McDaniel's sense of urgency.

"If not now, when are we going to change? If not now, when will we have that choice," said Rouse.

Seeing McDaniel in Gautier gives Rouse the confidence that this candidate cares about what voters have to say. He feels that the Coast would have a better chance of being heard with McDaniel in a Senate seat.

"What he's saying now, he's putting that into action right now," said Rouse.

Cochran was also on the campaign trail on Monday. According to the Thad Cochran for Mississippi Facebook page, the incumbent spent the day in Indianola and Greenville visiting with agriculture representatives and port officials.

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