D'Iberville now allows firework sales

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The fourth of July is less than a month away and right now vendors are looking for locations to set up shop. They may now consider D'Iberville.

"Well, I think a couple of vendors had approached the mayor about the potential of selling fireworks and I think there was already discussions going on in the City of Biloxi about the potential for them to allow the sale of fireworks. The mayor and the council saw an opportunity to basically get some additional sales and tax revenues for the City of D'Iberville," said Hank Rogers the director of community development and the building official for D'Iberville.

Last Tuesday, D'Iberville city leaders approved revisions to their firework ordinance to allow the sale of fireworks within the city's commercial zones.

"That's the first time in the history. That I know of that the City of D'Iberville's done that," said Rogers.

Already six firework vendors have come forward expressing interest in doing business in this city. Before applying the city requires all vendors to be licensed through the State of Mississippi.

"They have a license requirement for the purchase of and transportation of what they call class 1.4 G fireworks, which is consumer or family fireworks," said Rogers.

The vendor must also apply for a permit with the City of D'Iberville and then city leaders have to approve that application. Rogers says the city will do its best to make sure decisions on applications are made before the official day that fireworks can go on sale at midnight on June 15.

City leaders say vendors must carry a $1 million insurance policy. They won't be allowed to set up near residential areas, gas stations or on grass fields. And city leaders want residents to remember fireworks are not allowed to be detonated in D'Iberville. They are also not allowed to store them after July 5.

Biloxi will consider allowing the sale of fireworks during Tuesday's city council meeting.

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