Harrison County aims to eliminate failing septic tanks

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Making the water cleaner by doing away with failing septic tanks; Harrison County supervisors would like to accomplish that goal. They reallocated some CIAP money at Monday's meeting to help fund sewer improvement projects.

"If you really want to impact that water quality out there get those failed septic tanks off line, because that's where we're really having a problem," explained board President Marlin Ladner.

Discussion about sewer improvements came as environmental consultants reviewed the county's Coastal Impact Assistance Program projects and recommended reallocating some of the money to providing central sewer connections.

"This will allow these projects to meet and exceed their intended number of connections and decommissioning of onsite treatment systems, and put those onto central sewer systems," said environmental scientist Kristyn Gunter.

$100,000 for sewer work will be transferred from the Oyster Bayou restoration project. That's the watershed near Beauvoir and the Coast Coliseum, which will likely need future attention.

"That area around there is going to continue to grow. We're not even considering on the north side of those tracks as that old Broadwater develops and grows and the watershed that's coming from that," said Supervisor Windy Swetman.

The Pineville community will be getting centralized sewer. It's a project that targets 450 sewer connections.

"Putting in new septic tanks with pumps that don't allow for any spillage that happens in those low areas in the Pineville area," said Jeff Riopelle, with Knesal Engineering.

Ladner says such improvements are sorely needed.

"I think ultimately that's the biggest benefit to the county. The efficiency of getting those things off really impacts the quality of that water, and I think that's what CIAP money is for," Ladner said.

Along with the 450 sewer connections in Pineville, another 300 will tie in with the Tuxachanie Creek project.

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