Friede Goldman Employees Lose Jobs

Hundreds of Friede Goldman workers are steadily making their way to the unemployment office in Pascagoula.

The company laid off employees because of a major contract dispute between Freide Goldman Halter and a company called "Ocean Rig." Friede crews were in the process of constructing two state of the art oil rigs for the Norwegian company when all work was put on hold. Though Friede is negotiationing with Ocean Rig to complete the job.

More than a thousand Friede Goldman Halter workers out of jobs don't know if or when they'll be rehired. For Holly Smith this is a new experience. This is the first time she has been laid off or filed for unemployment. Holly's biggest concern, like everyone else, is finding another way to pay the bills on such short notice, "Most of the people were upset because it was all of a sudden. A lot of people have something to fall back on like a trade. I don't."

The company still isn't giving firm number of how many people who were laid off yesterday. But the state employment office in Pascagoula expects around 15 hundred to two thousand out of work shipbuilders to file for unemployment.