Last day of 'The Amazing Race' open casting call

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After the big success of the last casting call for 'The Amazing Race' at Virginia College, more people that love adventure and traveling, came out to Biloxi Sunday for the final auditions to be on the CBS reality show.

"They come in and they have one minute to state why they should be contestants on the Amazing Race. So it's their one minute elevator pitch to grab the producer's attention to be selected for this great show," says David Krenning

Joseph Morano and Kyle Thompson made a pitstop on their way home to Pensacola, FL from New Orleans, to give their pitch to the LA show producers.

"We want to race. We want to win. We're motivated and we're ready to go," Morano said.

Jennifer Denton and Crystal Munoz were another motivated team that wanted to show their bubbly personalities on the show. And besides the fun of traveling, they both believe they can take away life lessons if selected to be on the show.

"I do have a child and she's 10 so I'd be leaving her to do this so that would be pretty trying for me, but I think just getting to travel and experience different things that I normally wouldn't get to do would just make me grow as a person," Denton said.

"I'm just anxious in general, so I feel like that would bring out the best in me. So probably like test my limits and be able to surpass them and that would make me feel stronger as a person," Munoz added.

Krenning says this isn't the first time casting calls have been hosted in South Mississippi, and it'd be great to see another coast native in the race to the $1 million prize.

"You know, considering we had a pair of contestants from Pass Christian on The Amazing Race in 2012, it does show you that people from this area can make it on TV," Krenning said.

Now that auditions have wrapped up here in South Mississippi, all casting tapes will be sent to Los Angeles where CBS producers will be able to pick the next teams to be on the Spring season of the next Amazing Race.

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