Timber Ridge seeing resistance to by-law change

Attorney, Jim Simpson
Attorney, Jim Simpson

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - The Timber Ridge subdivision held its annual Property Owners Association Meeting to discuss regular business Sunday. But, most of the meeting was taken up with talk about some proposed changes. The by-laws of the association haven't changed in almost 40 years. So, the new board members decided it was time for some revisions.

Before the proposed by-laws could be enacted, they had to be voted on. That's where the board was running into problems. The residents weren't in favor of the changes.

"They're just asking the board to involve them a bit more," said attorney, Jim Simpson.

He was brought to the meeting by several of the homeowners to help address concerns. He says there should be more transparency between the residents and the association. But, he was seeing things move in the right direction.

"They seem to be listening to their home owners, and that's the first thing they need to do, and they're doing that well," said Simpson.

Homeowner, Diane Bridges, liked some parts of the amendments, but not all and she was frustrated with her choices on the ballot.

"You either had to vote "yes" or you had to vote "no" and there was no in between," said Bridges.

Many of the homeowners didn't understand some of the changes, such as removing the requirement to have 10 members sign a form to nominate board members.

Before Sunday, most didn't think they were allowed into the board's monthly meetings. But, President of the board, Kimberly Larosa, says it was all a matter of miscommunication.

"Nobody asked any questions until today and there was just no way to answer everybody's question and we didn't think it would be fair to hold a vote," said Larosa.

The issue was tabled until the by-laws could be rewritten considering as many concerns as possible.

"And so what we've agreed to do is let a group of our members take the proposed changes and that committee made up of members will then come back to the board with recommendations," said Larosa.

The board hopes to hold another vote on the amendments in 30 days.