Gulfport Volunteer Heads to Tornado Devastation

It's a good thing Pete Peterson doesn't have a lot to pack for his trip to Pontotoc County... because the Red Cross gave him only one day's notice that it needs him to help with tornado recovery. "And I'm used to it though so, and all I gotta do is pack, it doesn't take long and it's a three week period so it's not too hard to get ready," Peterson says.

Peterson has seen all the news reports about the deadly tornado. He has a pretty good idea what to expect when he gets there, and his job will be meeting one on one with families. "Which is basicially interviewing those who have been involved in the disaster to see what it is we can do to help them, to go make home visits in some cases to see what we can do."

Peterson has been a Red Cross volunteer since 1992. He has helped out in flood and hurricane relief efforts in three states, and he knows the devastation natural disasters can leave behind and the lives they disrupt. "A lot of the folks that we deal with in a thing like this, they don't have insurance and so in fact, that is what's happened, they've lost everything in some cases and so they really need help and that's what we do," he says.

Peterson says he's ready to do whatever it takes to make sure tornado victims have everything they need to put their lives back together.

Volunteers from as far away as California are in Pontotoc County.  Governor Ronnie Musgrove urges Mississippians to open their hearts and pocketbooks to help too.  If you'd like to help, just contact your local Red Cross.