Biloxi Housing Authority celebrates 75 years of service

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi Housing Authority is celebrating 75 years of service assisting people with safe, decent and affordable housing options in the Biloxi area.

Delmar Robinson serves as the Chair to the Board of Commissioners for the Biloxi Housing Authority and said the organization started with a vision that's only gotten bigger and brighter.

"Those original individuals had a vision for better housing here in Biloxi and they began with the development in three areas. And over the years, each board has tried to make housing better in Biloxi," Delmar said.

Lois Robinson is the chairman's wife, and one of those individuals who lived in the first public housing units back in the early 1940s. She said public housing was a great place to grow up and she appreciated it then, and appreciates it even more, now.

"Every child needs a good, good background," Lois started off saying. "Public housing is important because a lot of people can't afford to buy their own homes nowadays. Everything is so high. Public housing helps those people get into a decent place."

Bobby Hensley serves as the Executive Director of the Biloxi Housing Authority and he's proud to be a part of an organization that gives people in need a break.

"It's people who have fallen on bad times and need a leg up to better themselves, and that's what we're here for. To give people a boost and help them get back on their feet," Hensley said. "The organization is known for 75 years is what we're here to celebrate. That is a long time to be assisting people in one community and we're very proud of that."

The Biloxi Housing Authority currently houses approximately 1,800 families, and looks forward to expanding and helping even more families find a place to call home.

Chairman Robinson said their next project is to begin revitalizing the downtown Biloxi area.

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