Dozens of cars burglarized in Biloxi, police say most unlocked

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Police are urging people not to become easy targets for car burglars. During the past two weeks, Biloxi police have investigated dozens of car burglaries. Most of them have been concentrated in two residential neighborhoods. Officers said almost all of the thefts could have been prevented if people had locked their doors.

People who live in the area near Camp Wilkes Road say a week ago thieves took a stroll through the neighborhood.

"A couple of people have been going through. If they find unlocked cars, they go in them and take stuff out, if they see it," said Terry Gibbs.

This week, officers said another neighborhood in West Biloxi was targeted. There were 14 reports of car burglaries in a single day.

"Then we had a group at some apartment complexes on Eisenhower. These car burglaries, 99.99 percent of them the doors are unlocked," said Sgt. Jackie Rhodes. "We've said it over and over again: Lock your doors. Lock your doors. Basically, what the thieves are doing is they're going around checking cars, and if the door is unlocked, then they rummage around in the car to see what they can find."

Police said along with locking your car, you should never leave valuables in plain sight. Investigators said unless car burglars know they're going steal something worthwhile, they usually don't want to take a chance on breaking a window.

"That makes a lot of noise and increases their chance of being discovered," Sgt. Rhodes said. "There are some that do, but the majority of the ones that we've had recently are strictly unlocked car doors."

"It's better safe than sorry," Gibbs said. "At least I can say I tried to do preventive measures so they can avoid breaking into it."

Officers said the best way to try to avoid the headaches is not to make your stuff easy to steal and take the time to lock your door.

Biloxi police are still investigating the burglaries in North and West Biloxi. Officers said they are not sure if the crimes are connected, or if the same people are involved.

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