Palazzo back to the grind after primary win

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - After months on the campaign trail, Congressman Steven Palazzo is relieved to put the primaries behind him.

"For me personally, it's just back to work," Congressman Steven Palazzo said. "I got a good night's sleep. I got to spend yesterday with my kids, take my wife to lunch, now it's back to work."

One of the issues Palazzo is concerned with is the shake-up of the Veteran's Administration.

"We have a large population of veterans here in South Mississippi so we need to step it up," Palazzo said. "Shinseki resigning is not enough. We have to get to the root cause of why the VA is not fulfilling its commitment to our veterans."

Palazzo said he will also continue to vote against sequestration and shrinking the military's budget.

"The world is not becoming a safer place; it's becoming much more dangerous," Palazzo said. "Our men and women need the tools, the equipment, the training. They deserve this so they can do their jobs safely and come back home to the ones they love, and that's my commitment is standing up with our men and women in uniform."

The unemployment rate, Palazzo said, is also alarming with more than 9.8 million Americans still unemployed, according to the US Bureau of Labor.

"We have had record unemployment. His regulatory people out of business, such as the EPA, it is costing us jobs, hundreds of thousands of jobs," Palazzo said. "In light of their recent rulings, they are going to cost us even more jobs. So we are going the wrong way. We are going to continue standing up to this administration."

As those fights continue in Washington, back home in Mississippi Palazzo hopes to win over those who did not vote for him.

"I want to understand what my constituents need. What their issues and concerns are and how can we address them better," Palazzo said.

In November, Palazzo will face Democratic nominee Matt Moore, Independent candidates Cindy Burleson and Ed Reich, as well as Libertarian Joey Robinson and Reform Party member Eli "Sarge" Jackson.

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