Rain causes delays for new Jackson Co. Jail project

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A multi-million dollar project that has taken more than a decade to get off the ground is now facing another hurdle. Jackson County supervisors said Mother Nature is raining on the $27.6 million jail being built in Pascagoula, causing work delays. Supervisors are now working to help speedup construction.

The sound of heavy machinery could be heard in the heart of Pascagoula on Wednesday morning. Construction crews are working to build a new multi-million dollar 752 bed Jackson County Jail.

"The old jail is antiquated and it is also undersized. This new jail is going to be larger," said County Supervisor Troy Ross.

Getting the project off the ground has been a struggle due to rain, rain and more rain on the Coast over the past few months.

In fact, County Supervisor Melton Harris said the project is at least 36 days behind scheduled.

"You can't work in the rain when you're dealing with concrete. You can't work in the rain when you are trying to do pilings. Some of the drilling can be done, but it limits what you can do," Harris said.

With a completion date set for early next year, Ross said the construction team had to come up with a plan to make up for those lost work days.

"They are still trying to keep the pace up, and possibly start looking at working more shifts and double shifts if that is necessary to catch this project up. So, I feel confident by spring, we will have a jail built," Ross said.

Harris echoes that sentiment, but admits it is almost impossible to manage Mother Nature.

"Being 36 days behind, considering the weather, we have to accept that. No one can control the rain, not anyone out here. That is something unforeseen and we just had the opening day of hurricane season, so we hope that will be cooperative with us. We will be blessed to keep them out of this area so the construction can continue," said Harris.

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