Ocean Springs city leaders ask reality show to shoot elsewhere

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs city leaders say they want CMT's reality television show "Party Down South" to party somewhere else. Tuesday, the board of aldermen approved a resolution asking the producers of the show to reconsider their decision to shoot in Ocean Springs.

Before the vote, a steady stream of both supporters and opponents of "Party Down South" shared their opinions of the show coming to Ocean Springs.

"We're sending a message to our young people. You may not know anything about the show, but the title speaks for itself," said an opponent of the show.

"The word got out. The reason they're here is because the word got out that we're friendly to the entertainment business. The word will get out, that we're not friendly to the entertainment business," said a supporter of the show.

"After doing some research and speaking to others who watch the shows, it became apparent that this show does not reflect the family values of our small town," said Ward 6 Alderman Michael Impey II.

Impey said the resolution is symbolic and can't legally keep the producers from filming the show in his city. The aldermen all agreed they support any kind of economic development, but not one that could possibly tarnish the city's family friendly image. Opponents feel that's exactly what the show would do.

"They are going to do everything that they can to destroy this city," said an opponent.

"You don't want a strip joint down here, I don't think. Would we invite them in? They have a right to be in, but we don't want them in here, right? And I think you have a say in choice. We have choice in everything we do," said John McKay.

Supporters focused on the economic benefits they say the reality show would provide.

"The economic development council, from a majority standpoint, supports the filming of this reality show or any reality show in the City of Ocean Springs, especially in light of the immediate $2 million impact," said a supporter.

"You can't legislate morality. What I think is appropriate may not be what you think is appropriate. It certainly isn't what my grandmother would think is appropriate. A city is a business and you have to run it like a business," added another supporter.

Despite city aldermen passing the resolution, city leaders say the show is likely still coming to the city.

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