Hancock County voters find new polling places

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Signs lining the road direct voters to a new polling place in Bay St. Louis. Those voters who usually cast their ballot at Bay High School were moved across the street to The American Legion.

"There has been a little bit of confusion," Circuit Clerk Karen Ruhr said. "We have had some phone calls, but most people have gotten where they need to be to vote."

Lakeshore and Waveland residents also had a change in voting places. Claremont Harbor and Lakeshore precincts were combined at the Lakeshore Community Center. Those who live in the west part of Waveland were sent to the Central Fire Station.

"Everyone who has come here has known where they needed to come and vote, so they got the word out soon enough," West Waveland Precinct Manager Charlotte Tartavoulle said.

There are 30,723 registered voters in Hancock County and poll workers said a steady flow of those came through the doors on Tuesday.

"It's been pretty good considering we have had rain earlier this morning," Tartavoulle said. "We had a slight rush and then the rain came and it's been slow. Now that the sky has cleared up we are getting a good rush people coming out to vote."

Pam Edwards is the North Bay West Precinct Manager.

"All and all, it's been pretty good and with the identification everybody has been prepared," said Edwards.

The best turnout in Hancock County was more than 17,000 voters. That was for a presidential election, according to Ruhr.

"We usually do have a good turnout for this election. It is a congressional election. It's an important election and we hope everyone takes note of that and does what they are supposed to do, go out and vote," Ruhr said.

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