Pass Christian close to moving into new harbor master's house

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - After nine years in a temporary location, Pass Christian's Harbor Master is ready for a place to call home. About a month from now, officials plan to start unpacking inside a new harbor master's house which replaces what Hurricane Katrina destroyed.

Workers are making steady progress in getting the new Pass Christian Harbor Master's house move in ready. The harbor master said he and his staff are anxious to leave behind the trailer they've been working out of for almost nine years.

"There's no room," said Harbor Master Willie Davis. "Every time a storm or something like that comes, being in a trailer, we have to move the trailer in and out. So every time you have to do that, that's time and money. Once the trailer gets back, you have to reset back up. That takes away from the customers as well."

The new harbor master's house is elevated 28 feet.

"Overlooking the harbor so it gives you a bird's eye view," Davis said. "You can see both harbors now, and with the location that we're in you can see the boats coming in and out of the gaps of the harbor."

Another advantage to the building is having more room. Officials said they'll have more space than they did in the building Katrina destroyed.

"A small classroom for training. We really needed that and to hold small meetings for the harbor," Davis said. "We didn't have that before. Now we do have an area where we can actually meet and hold classes inside this building. It's not just us. The Coast Guard can come in and help us give classes to the new trainees."

Davis said not having to travel as much for training will also save time and money.

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