Incorrect ballots surface at 11 Harrison County precincts

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Voter confusion and wrong ballots were some of the problems in Harrison County on this primary Election Day.

According to the circuit clerk's office, 11 precincts received Republican ballots from another precinct. The ballots that were not accepted by the machines were put in an emergency bin and will be counted by a Resolution Board on Wednesday.

Since the GOP primary only has a House race and a Senate race, you may wonder how there can be wrong ballots when the same names are on every Harrison County ballot?

Harrison County has 60 voting precincts. Each precinct has one tabulating machine, and each machine has its own memory card. Those memory cards are programmed before the election based on codes found on ballots. And each precinct has a unique ballot with its own code.

So, if somebody votes on a ballot with the wrong code on it, the tabulating machine won't accept it. That ballot goes into an emergency bin, and is reviewed by a Resolution Board Wednesday.

At 11 Harrison County precincts, several republican voters colored in a circle for the candidate of their choice on the wrong ballot. For instance, for almost five hours, the outside Long Beach precinct had ballots that belonged to the Pineville precinct. Ironically, the Pineville precinct had the correct ballots.

The problems are limited to voting precincts in district 3 and district 4.

The circuit clerk's office also fielded a number of calls from voters who were confused about where to vote because of precinct changes due to redistricting. Several poll workers told us there were no complaints over voter ID.

The polls remain open until 7pm tonight. WLOX News will have up to the minute election results as soon as they start coming in both on, and on our free WLOX News app for Apple and Android devices.

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