Alcohol sales going strong in Poplarville

POPLARVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Since it was founded in 1886, the city of Poplarville has been dry, until now. So, how are things going now that people can buy beer and wine within city limits? Just a few days in, and almost 15 Poplarville businesses have applied for licenses to sell alcohol.

One of those businesses is Ramey's Grocery. Bobby Smith has been working at the store for almost 40 years and this is the biggest change he's seen here.

"I never thought I'd see this day come, you know, but I'm still alive and it's here now, you know," said Smith.

Ever since the first day of sales, people have been visiting the new beer section nonstop.

"I'm surprised that so many wasn't shy about it," said Smith.

It's so new, that the old sign still designates the cooler as 'Frozen Meats.' But, that will change soon, according to Smith. He says he even bought a bottle of wine on the first day of sales.

"But when I go home tonight, I will have a 12 pack of beer with me. Yes, indeed," said Smith.

But not everyone was on board. Linda Hawkins voted no for the ordinance.

"I'm sure that our crime rate will go up with the increased use of alcohol in our community," said Hawkins.

For the most part, though, people were enjoying the ability to buy alcohol in their hometown. Mayor Brad Necaise said the result of the vote hasn't changed much in his city.

"You know what? No real difference, other than a few excited people that they now have this as an option without having to drive," said Necaise.

The alcohol buying customers agreed. Jim and Susan Blackman were visiting the store to buy their first beers since the new ordinance went into effect.

"Well, the convenience is great," said Blackman.

The city's new ordinance allows the sale of beer and light wine between 7am and midnight, but only if alcohol is less than 80 percent of the business's overall sales.

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