Hurricane Season 2014 is here

Hurricane Season 2014 is here

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - June 1, marks the first official day of hurricane season, and Harrison County emergency managers are warning everyone to be prepared.

"Unfortunately, people have a mindset, I survived Camille, I survived Katrina; I'll survive the next one," said Captain Greg Federico with the Harrison County Sheriff's Office.

Although the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, better known as NOAA, is predicting a below average hurricane season, these professionals say all it takes is one.

"Every storm, tropical depression, weather event. If they tell you to get out, if EMA says to evacuate, please evacuate. Because what's going to happen is, we as a sheriff's office are pulled out of harm's way at a certain time, and we can't come back in and get you," said Federico.

Federico and his team went from door to door in the Henderson Point area, advising people to leave during Hurricane Katrina. Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy says the most important thing to remember during hurricane season is to take all weather alerts seriously.

"We have to be prepared to put out evacuation orders, to get people into shelters, to make sure that they have their supplies. On occasion, sometimes we have to do that early," said Lacy.

This hurricane season, Harrison County emergency management employees are working with some newly developed, real time flood data information. This new technology will allow emergency management to actually see water depth projected by the storm.

"Because of resolution and pixeling, they can zoom into an area, which is going to give us a much better product for real-time water level data. It is based on where you're standing, and this is water coming up foot, up your leg, versus storm surge," said Lacy.

Lacy says in the event of a hurricane making landfall, the new system will even help with evacuations since it can pin point how much water will be in certain areas.

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