Rain moves Fais Do Do indoors

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On Saturday was day three of the 85th Annual Blessing of the Fleet celebration in Biloxi. The rain caused the event to move from the Biloxi Town Green to the indoors at the Frank Gruich Community Center.

The vendors, who packed up say though the rain hurt their business. The Fais Do Do is an event worth taking part in.

They stuck it out for as long as they could, but the rain simply wouldn't give the vendors and attendees a break.

"When you're holding your tent down and praying for dear life that it doesn't blow away and it didn't. It was a great day in South Mississippi," said vendor Marlies Welty.

At around 3 o'clock in the afternoon organizers of Fais Do Do decided to move the event indoors.

"This is the first year we've had to make a decision to move and it was a very hard one, but we chose to do that. People are planning on coming to the coronation. We don't want the girls to be out in the rain. Then we got the concert with the Molly Ringwalds and we feel like it's just better for everyone and for their safety," said Wendy Fayard.

Around 70 vendors spent only a few hours on the town green before having to pack up.  They say though the weather hurt their bottom line they know it's the nature of the business of being a vendor.

"It's a loss wage. It's a day without salary. So it's a lot of work for unforeseen weather," said Welty.

"We'll try it again next year. Go from there. Hopefully we'll have better weather," said Eric Nobles.

Thomas Brown with Kandymelons loaded up his trailer with food and appliances he set up just a few hours earlier. With the risks and costs associated with being a vendor, picking a popular event is important.

"All in all, even though the weather Fais Do Do is still a great event. I thought it was still a good turnout considering we had the stormy weather that we had. Unfortunately, we do have to move," said Brown.

While vendors packed up, so did those providing the staple dish. Several pounds of shrimp was placed into coolers and moved to the new location.

This year's shrimp king is Randy Lesso and the shrimp queen is Bailey Stokes. The Blessing of the Fleet is tomorrow beginning at 2 p.m. at the Point Cadet Marina in Biloxi.

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