Residents line up to buy first legal drink in Poplarville

Image source: Brad Necaise.
Image source: Brad Necaise.
Image source: Brad Necaise.
Image source: Brad Necaise.

POPLARVILLE, MS (WLOX) - It was a historic day in Poplarville on Saturday. For the first time in the city's 128 year history, residents were able to buy beer and light wine legally.

"At 7 a.m. this morning, our beer sales went into effect and it has been a very smooth transition and merchants are glad to have a new offering," said Mayor Brad Necaise "There were people standing in line this morning, waiting to be the first person to buy beer in Poplarville."

Back in March, 70 percent of Poplarville residents voted in favor of the referendum that would allow the sale of beer and light wine in their city. The measure limits the alcohol content of wine to five percent and eight percent for beer.

Now that alcohol can be sold in grocery stores, convenient stores, restaurants and cafés, Necaise expects a big boost to the Poplarville economy.

"This will create tax revenue for city improvements that we have not been able to afford in the past," said Necaise.

Some residents may be worried that the sale of alcohol will cause crime and DUI arrests to rise. Necaise says he believes that is not the case. He said the ability to buy alcohol in the city will decrease drunken driving accidents because people will not have to travel to other cities for a drink.

"Our police department is confident they will see minimal negative impact from the sales," said Necaise.

Necaise said public arena type events, such as fairs and festivals, will be able to apply for open container permits.

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