Congressional candidates campaign as election day nears

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - Three of the five fourth district congressional candidates visited with people at the 18th annual Picayune Senior Fair and Expo on Saturday morning.

Gene Taylor, Tom Carter and Rep. Steven Palazzo all shook hands and passed out fliers encouraging people to vote in Tuesday's primary elections.

Taylor, the 21 year congressman who was unseated in 2010 by Palazzo, says his campaign is really picking up momentum.

"90 days ago we didn't have one bumper sticker out, one yard sign, any money in the campaign account. We now have hundreds of bumper stickers out, 10,000 yard signs in people's yards, and so this is really the last push talking to people," said Taylor.

Carter, who has called himself the "adult" in this election, says at this point there is nothing but excitement coming from his campaign team.

"Nervousness is not anywhere in this. We have run an outstanding campaign. We began this with a process, a method, a solution, and we've been on point and on message all the way through it," said Carter.

Palazzo has caught quite a bit of flack from his political opponents for not being present at public forums, but the congressman says there is still plenty of work to be done in Washington, D.C. for the people of South Mississippi.

"Everywhere we go people are telling me 'Steven, we appreciate you. You go up there, you work hard. You tell the truth.' The results of me being a conservative Republican representing South Mississippi are very visible. I'm running on my record. It's a record I'm very proud of," said Palazzo.

All three of these candidates say the next three days are going to be very busy for them, and they still have plenty of stops to make.

Ron Vincent and Tavish Kelly are also running in the fourth district congressional race. The primary election is on Tuesday, June 3.

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