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Chris McDaniel talks issues in sit-down interview

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

You've heard the mud-slinging and you've seen the controversy play out in the Republican Senate Primary. Now, to focus on the issues.

Chris McDaniel is a current state senator who has served for seven years. He says he's ready to shake up Washington. Yet he doesn't want to overstay his welcome. That's why he's talking term limits.

"Senators should serve no more than two terms," explained McDaniel in a sit-down interview. "I think House members should serve no more than three terms. The Congress needs refreshing. It's necessary that it be refreshed. It's necessary that new blood and new ideas."

He's hoping to be the messenger of those new ideas. As McDaniel discussed his platform, it always came back to one central theme of limited government. Healthcare was no exception.

"Obamacare in my mind is still unconstitutional," said McDaniel. "No question about that. I know it's structurally unsound. So in my position, we have to repeal it, every bit of it."

McDaniel believes Washington is suffering from a spending addiction. This is what he'd like to see happen.

"What we have to do first of all is propose and implement a balanced budget amendment," he described. "It's no longer good enough for career politicians to tell us they're going to control spending. We have to force them to control spending."

There's a lot of talk about education. McDaniel has discussed it frequently on a state level. So what does he want to see happen nationally?

"Washington D.C. has overreached," he replied. "No Child Left Behind was a mistake. Common Core is a huge mistake. We spend too much in Washington. We're not getting the results from the national Department of Education. It's time to return those powers back to the states and local communities."

He identifies with the Tea Party faction already making headlines in D.C..

"I'm going to Washington to draw a line in the sand. I'm going to fight with Mike Lee. I'm going to fight with Rand Paul. I'm going to fight with Ted Cruz. We're going to be young. We're going to be dynamic. We're going to be energetic and we're going to change this country together."

We will have a profile of incumbent Senator Thad Cochran Monday.

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