Hundreds respond to open casting call for 'The Amazing Race'

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - They came from across the southern region and as far away as California, hoping for a shot at fame, fortune and the exhilaration of finishing the race. On Friday, more than 200 people lined up in Biloxi to audition to be a contestant on the CBS TV reality show "The Amazing Race." The open casting call drew people from all backgrounds.

"I'm Shane Hartley. I'm in the hotel business and I'm going to win 'The Amazing Race'," said one show hopeful.

They had roughly 60 seconds to sell themselves, like why they would make a great team.

"I grew up in New England, he grew up in Mississippi, and couldn't be more opposite each other," said one man.

Some explained how the show could improve or change their relationship.

"Hopefully within two to three days, I won't be able to kill her, because it's kind of hard getting along with her," said another man.

The taped audition was the first leg of their competition to win a spot on the hit reality TV show.

"Let's get used to a camera in our face," Duran Jackson joked.

He and his girlfriend, Chloe Jackson, said they were destined to be on the show.

"We had been talking about doing 'The Amazing Race' and how much fun it would be. We would love to do it and here it is. It's meant to be. We're supposed to be here," said Chloe.

One couple from Long Beach wants to set a record.

"I'm 59. Dale will be 59 shortly, and so we hope to win 'The Amazing Race' and be the oldest couple," said Terry Hare.

The potential contestants told us they are all huge fans of the CBS show, in which 11 two-person teams compete in a scavenger hunt around the world. Each team must finish in a series of physical and mental challenges before advancing to the next location.

"My health is as good as it was when I was 17. I have no issues at all in that department," said Patricia Willging, of New Orleans.

Willging said she's over 60-years-old.

"I'm physically prepared. I do yoga all the time," Willging said.

"I think we could compete with the young people. We have experience, and I've traveled a lot so that might help too. So we'd be excited to give it a shot," said Dale Hare.

They are in it for the adventure and the $1 million grand prize.

"The money itself; that would call for a huge extravagant wedding," said Duran.

"Sounds good to me; I'm ready," said Chloe.

"The adventure and the million dollars, I mean she could finally retire. I can buy a sail boat and sail around the world," said Jenny Loftus, of New Orleans.

"It's not necessarily the prize money. It's the experience of going through the race, working together, showing everyone how strong of a couple we are," said Duran.

When asked if she could win this, Willging replied, "Oh sure. Of course we think we can win it or we wouldn't be trying."

WLOX held the open casting call at Virginia College in Biloxi. The taped segments will be sent to CBS. The producers are looking for teams to compete on a show that will air next year.

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