Flood waters trap White Cypress residents in homes

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The heavy rainfall the Coast has experienced over the past few days has created a major problem for one Hancock County neighborhood. Residents who live in the White Cypress Lakes community say Mother Nature has made it next to impossible to get to and from their homes.

Residents say it's a problem that will lead to someone's death if the county doesn't take steps to correct it soon.

About a foot of water covered Lake Drive on Thursday morning.  The day before, the problem was worse. Nearly two feet of water blanketed the roadway.

"When we have rain like we're experiencing right now we're trapped in, out here," said Wanda Morris.

Morris has lived in the White Cypress Lakes community for 15 years. She says when rain water fills up Quail Ridge Lake it spills over its banks, blocking the only two roadways in or out of her neighborhood.

"My biggest fear is somebody is going to get sick and need to get to the hospital and we can't get out. We had this problem 12 years ago with my grandson. We tried to get out one night to try to go to the hospital with him. We were rained in couldn't get out," explained Morris.

"We've had times when the road has been flooded three days at a time. We were stranded back here," said Jessica Jones.

Jones lives down the street from Morris.

"That water can sweep a small car away in a heartbeat," said Jones.

"A few months ago, the school bus was coming in out here. They couldn't get over the road, there was so much water over the road. The school bus had to stop. The fire department brought a big truck out and ferried the kids across," Morris recalled.

District Two Supervisor Kenny Hoda told WLOX News that earlier this week, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors approved hiring an engineering firm to determine the cause of the problem and what it will take to fix it.

"Either they need to build another way out of here another road, build these roads up. Something needs to happen," Jones said.

Compton Engineering is the firm hired to do the work. Spokesman Jeff Clemens told WLOX his company would start a preliminary engineering study next week.

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