New shooting range opens in Stone County

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Thursday's heavy downpour didn't stop several avid sport shooters from getting their first glimpse of the new McHenry shooting range in Stone County.

Range Coordinator Steve Parham says he's gotten nothing but positive feedback.

"Everyone that has come out has been very pleased and very happy with the facility that has been built here for their use," Parham said. "We're just glade they came out today and gave us the opportunity to host this for them."

Wyatt Sandidge is involved with Harrison County's 4-H program, and this is his first time shooting outside of his home course. He's already planning to come back with his father.

"It's pretty amazing how they did this and set it up," Sandidge said.

This range also gives law enforcement agents a place to practice.

"It's important because we're required to qualify each year, and it allows law enforcement agents from this part of the world to have something of this nature," Scottie Jones of Law Enforcement Projects and Planning said.

It also provides law enforcement with an opportunity to get more people involved with shooting as a sport.

"Law enforcement got involved because we wanted to see shooting sports take off in this part of the world and we want to get youth involved with the shooting sports," Jones said. "We've had numerous phone calls of people wanting to shoot the range and it's finally here and we're glad to see it."

The new shooting range opens Friday afternoon at noon and will stay open until 6pm.

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