Residents tired of O'Neal Road construction mess

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Construction work on O'Neal Road in Gulfport has drivers and some residents fed up.

"I mean you can drive down the road. It's in horrible, horrible shape," said one resident who didn't want to be identified. "Since they started the construction, it's been a health hazard. It's not right."

The resident lives off of O'Neal and Williams roads and said her number one concern is the heavy dust that blows onto her property from the cars that speed past her home. She said because of it, she and her husband can no longer enjoy something as simple as sitting on their front porch.

"There's so much dust blowing up and into the porch. We've had to hose it off every single day. My husband had to hose my car off twice because there was just so much dust; I couldn't even see through the windshields. It's been horrible."

Even with the shower curtains and a mesh screen she's put up, wandering dust still gets through.

"You can see from the furniture, we have to hose this stuff off every day," she said.

Contractors say they are aware of the headache caused from working on O'Neal Road, and they ask for everyone's patience. They say work on the road isn't expected to take much longer, but it's all part of a larger contract that includes road work on Three Rivers Road and John Ross Road.

Engineers of the project say with the recent installment of sewer lines along O'Neal Road, there's a 30 day waiting process. After that time, contractors will begin working on re-paving the road for good.

Until contractors can finish the project, they ask for drivers to stay off of O'Neal Road as much as possible, by taking other roads to get to their destination. And they say if you have to travel down the road, to do so slowly.

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