Cycling is gaining in popularity along the Mississippi Gulf Coast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Many people just love jumping on a bike and taking off. It helps keep them in shape and they get to see the sights and sounds of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Others enjoy cycling competitions. Some events involve bike racing and other events consist of time trials where each cyclist takes off separately and races against the clock.

Matt Storr of Gautier is back... at full speed after overcoming a serious health issue.

"I had a stroke," stated Storr. 'I was born with a defect in my heart, drew a clout to the brain and had a slight stroke. I don't have any long-term side effects but I had to sit out six months and go to New Orleans, Ochsner and have heart surgery. I'm all better now."

Storr, a 1996 graduate of Pascagoula High School where he played soccer, says he's fallen in love with cycling.

He said,"I try to get as many people involved as possible. I've gotten some co-workers at the hospital involved with the sport, swimming, running. I just try to get as many people as possible in terms of them to join the local club and get with the groups and start riding."

Donna Mellott enjoys the speed involved in cycling.

"I like to go fast, I like to go fast on my bike. I enjoy the excitement,"Mellott stated.@

Paul Kaufman says cycling keeps him in shape and once you feel the breeze blowing across your face, you'll get hooked. He believes cycling is picking up lots of interest in Mississippi.

"If you look at the more popular states likes California and Colorado where I'm from, it's quite a Mecca there. So Mississippi is doing real well in the health and fitness, in particular in the cycling,"said Kaufman.

Scott Hawkins says cycling has a major benefit over running,"I definitely recommend it to other people because it's a great way to say in shape without the impact that running and other sports sometimes have on people. He added,"It's a healthy way that is not hard on the joints."

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