Memorial Day visitors leave beach trashed in Waveland

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Crews in Hancock County spent the day cleaning up the mess left behind by locals and tourists who celebrated their Memorial Day holiday on the beaches. So far, they've picked up enough garbage to fill three large dumpsters. County leaders say it's time and man-power that could have gone elsewhere.

Hancock County leaders say most of the hundreds of people who celebrated the long holiday weekend on their beaches came from Louisiana.

"Very busy and we're proud to have all of these folks. They come in and spend money in our community it means a lot," said Hancock County District 1 Supervisor David Yarborough.

He says the downside is the amount of trash the visitors left behind: 16-cubic yards of trash. That's enough to stack several trash barrels as high as a water tower. Beach clean up crews were kept busy.

"It was about double the amount as we usually do," said Beach Crew Foreman Randy Denney.

Crews picked up hundreds of bottles and cans, and even several broken beach chairs and canopies.

"If they break a chair, they really ought to put it in their car and take it home," Yarborough said. "If they break a canopy, a pop up, they really should put it in their car and take it home. You don't leave it on the beach."

County leaders say most people failed to use the 85 trash barrels that were available.

"We would like for folks to be conscious of the barrels. That's why we put them out there; try to use them. Just be kind to our environment," said Yarborough.

Denney echoed his words.

"Keep the trash in the drums, if you can.''

He said doing that will save the county a lot of man-power and money. County leaders say they are considering having law enforcement officers issue litter tickets along the beach front during future holidays.

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