Broken A/C closes 3 Jackson Co. government buildings

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Three main Jackson County facilities will remain closed Wednesday after the air conditioner broke. Tuesday, more than 100 employees were sent home after the heat inside the buildings became unbearable.

The shutdown is impacting anyone who needs to do business at the Jackson County Courthouse, Courts Building and County Services Complex.

"It is so hot. I have sweated in places I have never sweated before. It is that hot," said county employee Sonya Carter, who was happy to go home. "Nobody likes to work in that."

The buildings closed before lunch time catching many customers by surprise, especially when they heard about the air.

"That is a good reason to be closed. Okay, thank you," a resident said.

Jackson County resident Annie Dorsey said she felt the heat in the county services complex while taking care of some business before it closed.

"When I got upstairs, I saw they had these little fans and things. Each desk had fans, but I said, 'Y'all are not going to be able to stay in here all day,'" Dorsey said. "It was hot about 80 degrees."

County Administrator Brian Fulton said the maintenance crew is working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

"We have had some problems with our chilling units in the past. We have two chilling units and one was under repair. Over the weekend, the long weekend, the other chilling unit went out Sunday night. So when the chillers go down, we don't have any air," Fulton said.

A new part for the air condition system is being shipped from New York. So, county officials say the earliest these buildings will open is Thursday.

"We do have offices on the west side that can take care of tags, tax collectors offices, and some planners over there, so we are not totally down. But it is a little bit inconvenient for the taxpayers and the citizens of the county."

Fulton said some of the services, including tax collection and planning department services, can be handled at the Highway 609 facilities in West Jackson County. There will be no court Wednesday for the Jackson County Circuit and Chancery Courts. Anyone who has a court date should contact their attorney for information regarding a new court date.

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