Fifth graders encouraged to explore career possibilities

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - A police officer and an engineer are among the many job Pass Christian students are being encouraged to think about as careers when they grow up. The elementary school held a career fair. Organizers said they want to show the children the link between achieving their dreams and getting a good education.

Firefighters. Lawyers. College professors. People from the community spent time explaining to fifth graders what they do when they go to work.

Fifth grader Joy Thornton said, "It's really fun learning about the other people's careers and what they do for a living."

For its career fair, Pass Christian elementary wanted to expose students to a variety of jobs, including some they might not have thought about.

"The doctor. She kind of interested me," said Colbie Smith, a fifth grader. "The journalist because he, like, showed you what's out in the community."

Her classmate Sutton McConnell said, "Engineering. It's more building and creating stuff."

School officials want children to realize the path to reaching their career goals starts with a good education.

"Here at Pass Christian Elementary School we want to let them see the link between education and their futures," said counselor Stacy Necaise. "We want to grow their potential. We want them to blossom into whatever the future holds for them and we want to give them those strong foundations and skills that they need so they will be successful throughout life."

The grownups told the kids to find their passion and make it their job.

Brittany Murch works as a Veterinarian Technician. "I think it's so important to love what you're doing. I wake up every morning and I thoroughly enjoy going into my job because I know I'm getting very rewarded by helping the sick animals, by preventing them from diseases."

"I get so rewarded from that and I think it's so important for them to go into work and love their job," said Murch.

Fifth grader Caden Counselman said, "The main thing that you have to do to get a good career is always keep a smile on your face and just keep on working hard."

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