Latimer Fire Department Seeking New Volunteers

Latimer Fire Chief Charles King says the Latimer Volunteer Fire Department has 10 more sets of this gear than they have volunteers to fill them.

King says that needs to change.

"Right now we have 25 volunteers," King adds.

King says he would love to see just 10 more people volunteer to fight fires.

He says all it takes is a little dedication and a few hours a month.

"It's a service that needs to be done. Someone's got to do it," he says.

However a quicker response time and a better chance of saving lives aren't the only reasons behind this recruitment.

"Right now what we are involved in doing is trying to bring down our insurance rate," King says.

King says fire insurance rates could drop as much as 40 percent if an average12 volunteers respond to a fire.

"We have to have so many volunteers on each fire scene that we do. We've only been able to average about eight or so," King says.

But to reach these goals, King needs your help to fight fires, save lives, and keep a lid on insurance rates.