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Volunteers Roll Up Their Sleeves To Clean Up South Mississippi Beaches

While most kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, some youngsters were hard at work along the Biloxi shoreline for the Beach Blast Clean Up.

Eleven-year-old Shannon Abney and her little brother were shocked at some of the junk they found in the sand.

The Beach Blast Clean Up was a family affair for the Abney's and a hands-on lesson about littering.

"When you look out here you can see all this, like, stuff from the water that's been washed up here, the shells and everything,but when you get out here you can actually see the stuff. It's nasty...really nasty," Shannon Abney said.

This is the lesson Shannon's mom hoped her children would pick up during Saturday's clean up.

"I wanted to bring my kids out and show them how people can trash up the beach, and show them community service and try to get them use to it because they're never too young to learn," said Shannon's mom, Laurie.

By the end of the day, volunteers rounded up more than a hundred bags of trash from Biloxi and Gulfport beaches.

Cigarette lighters, butts and bottles were the bulk of the trash collected.

As for Shannon Abney, she walked away with a simple solution for keeping South Mississippi's beaches clean

"I should not drop stuff. When you have something, just take it to one of the trash cans they have lined up out here," Abney says.

The event was sponsored by the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority and the Harrison County Beautification Commission.

The Beautification Committee of the Hancock Chamber also hosted a coastal clean up at 12 sites Saturday in Hancock County.

By: Toni Miles

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