Will Biloxi stadium be complete for opening pitch of 2015 season?

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you drive by the downtown Biloxi baseball stadium site, you will see progress being made. But with no contractor hired and less than 11 months until opening day, the already tight deadline is becoming even more difficult to meet.

Local restaurant employees however remain optimistic.

"I pass by there every day on my way to The Fillin' Station, and I see those guys working hard," The Fillin' Station Manager Jonathan Jones said. "I think as long as the weather does not delay them seriously, then it looks like they are on schedule."

Jones also works in the construction industry.

"They will be able to get it done. We see these casinos and things like that pop up all the time, they build them quickly," Jones said. "They are not making money until the building is done."

Biloxi City Councilman Kenny Glavan said while the time is ticking, there have been other stadiums built in the same time frame. However, Glavan said the team may miss a few of the first games at home. But he is confident that the stadium will be ready early in the season.

"I hope it will be finished in 11 months. If not, it should be finished shortly after that," Half Shell Oyster House Server Courtney Grissom said. "I think it will bring some pretty good business."

Owners of McElroy's Seafood Restaurant Mickey McElroy said, "Not being involved in the building of it, I couldn't tell you if I'm confident in building it. But I would tell you I think it would be a tremendous asset to the area."

Even before the stadium is finished and the team is here, businesses are already rooting for the home team. The Fillin' Station is now selling Carib beer, which is one of the team's sponsors.

"We are doing everything we can to help those guys, support them, and sponsor them to help it be a success," Jones said.

If the stadium is not done in time, the city of Biloxi will have to pay a $10,000 fine for each game missed.

Biloxi city leaders are expected to get an update on the project at Tuesday's council meeting. Also on the agenda is an executive session to discuss the stadium. WLOX News plans to be at the meeting and will let you know what is discussed.

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