Retailers offer special sales for Memorial Day holiday

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The sales and deals are abundant during the Memorial holiday. Retailers are offering all kinds of sales to tap into the wallets of shoppers who want to spend their three day weekend stocking up on summer clothing.

The percent off sign is something most shoppers can't resist, especially when it's a big holiday weekend and deals are offered at dozens of stores.

"Memorial Day is a strong holiday for us because kids are out of school and people are thinking about going on vacation and they are saying, 'What do I need? Do I need shorts, shoes, sandals?' You know? They are trying to stock up for the summer," said Gulfport Premium Outlets Director of Marketing Rhonda Roberts.

According to Roberts, the outlets have had a good turnout of shoppers during the Memorial Holiday, which is a good sign for summer sales.

"For Memorial Day, it kind of gauges the summer traffic for us. If you have a strong Memorial Day hopefully that's going to indicate a strong tourism season and today we've seen that this weekend," said Roberts.

One of the stores cashing in on the holiday is Reebok. The store began its sales Thursday with 30 percent off all clearance foot ware and apparel.

"Turnout's been great. We actually had a very busy day yesterday. A lot of people came in yesterday, even up until the time we closed," said Darion Bester with Reebok.

These special sales seem to be working shoppers like Christopher Macon, who spent hundreds during his shopping trip on Sunday.

"I got some Nike shoes. I got a good deal on these. It was like real low pricing or whatever," said Macon.

"Mostly these are deals you would not find. You know, on just any other day," said shopper Ryan Patterson.

To give shoppers more time in its 70 stores, Gulfport Premium Outlet's hours were extended on Memorial Day. Stores open at 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. on Monday.

The mall features four new stores this summer including Sketchers, Torrid, Body Shop and Michael Kors, which is slated to open in July.

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