Cyclists meet in Saucier for biking event

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - Prior to Sunday's Briar Badlands Battle VI, a few cyclists gathered earlier in the week at a biking trail about a half mile off Highway 15 in Saucier.

The event ended up having 92 competitors in the beginner, sport and expert categories. One race was 31.5 miles, another was 21 and the beginner race was just shy of 11 miles long.

Event coordinator and timekeeper Tracy Dannenmueller wasn't able to participate in any of the races because he made sure everything else ran smoothly.

"After Katrina, there was a lot of damage to the trails," Dannenmueller said. "We've kind of caught up and made the trails rideable now. We've made it enjoyable for everybody. Riders, runners, walkers, everybody."

Kathyrn Boylan has been mountain biking for a while now, and one of her motivations is the feeling of nostalgia.

I love being a cyclist because it makes me feel like a kid," Boylan said. "It definitely captures the childhood spirit. It makes you feel like you're flying.

"You see the trees flying by and you get to see lots of nature. I've seen a land tortoise out here. I've heard there are actually bears out here. Thankfully I have not seen one of those."