Man conquers MS Sound with 14 mile round trip swim

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - The weather was perfect on Sunday for one man in Gautier to go for a swim in the Mississippi Sound, but he wasn't just out to take a dip. He was determined to do something that hadn't been done before.

"Just something that people don't normally do," said Karl Stine, "I've always been that way."

Stine decided that he wanted to set a record. So, he started planning and training last October to attempt the first ever swim from Gautier to Horn Island, and back.

"This is a stepping stone for other adventures I have on the horizon, but you have to start somewhere," said Stine.

This stepping stone was a 14 mile swim, round trip, but Stine didn't seem too worried.

"Physically I feel good. I feel like it's a done deal," said Stine.

To comply with the Marathon Swimmers Federation, Stine had to swim unassisted the entire way. He was fed liquid carbohydrates every 30 minutes to provide him with the energy he needed to swim all 14 miles. For Stine, it wasn't all about the numbers. It was also about making a statement.

"The beauty of this area is the ability to get out on days like this and see wildlife, and then the other part of that is protecting that," said Stine.

Stine wanted people to realize that they could make a difference, and he was hoping that his swim would raise that awareness.

"I'd like if anybody happens upon me while I'm swimming out there, just think that, you know, think one short thought. What can I do? I'll pick up a can today, or I'll do something that will help the environment," said Stine.

It's an environment he says we need to take care of so that it will take care of us.

"It can either help you or hurt you," said Stine.

Stine completed the 14 mile swim in 8 hours and three seconds. This officially set the Marathon Swimmers Federation record for the area.

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