New Home For Ocean Springs Caboose

The little red caboose in downtown Ocean Springs, will soon be headed for a new home.

For years, the caboose has been parked near City Hall and the Ocean Springs Library. Numerous plans to relocate the rail car never happened. But city aldermen recently voted to move the caboose to the east entrance of the city, next to the Crooked Feather monument along Highway 90.

Many who use the library will tell you the caboose is taking up four, often scarce parking spaces. Ellen Madden and her young children are frequent library visitors.

She says moving the caboose would make parking easier.

"You can usually find one or two spots. But you're parking across the street and it would free up some closer parking, especially for people who have kids."

Others echo that benefit. Moving the car would mean more available parking.

"Personally, I'd like to see it moved so we would have more room at the library to park. And it is of historical value, which we would love to keep it in town," said library patron, Donna Chambliss.

Irene Fowler also sees the benefit of moving the caboose.

"We'll get more parking spaces here, and it'll get more visibility as you come over the bridge."

Moving the caboose to a spot next to Crooked Feather makes sense to many. But will it happen? There's been plenty of caboose moving discussion before.

Several years ago, there was talk of locating the caboose in Marshal Park. That never happened. Then there were those who wanted the caboose here, at the old railroad depot. Again, that was a no go. The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center then offered to take the old caboose. Those plans fell apart. And finally there was talk of parking the caboose here, behind the library. But, you guessed it, that never happened.

This time, city leaders say the move to the east entrance of Ocean Springs, will happen.

"It's just a great location, coming into the city. And it will be fixed up nice once we get the landscaping and all done around it. It's going to be a nice attraction," said Alderman At Large, Danny Jalanivich.

The caboose should be moving, within the next two months.