Termites are swarming in South MS, but don't panic

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Have you noticed the termites swarming lately? It's that time of year again when termites are swarming across South Mississippi.

And while it's inevitable they may get inside your house, it's not a reason to panic. Redd Pest Control General Manager Mike Craft says to be vigilant when it comes to the pests.

"When they are swarming, it's important to notice where they are swarming from," said Mike Craft, who is General Manager of Redd Pest Solutions. "If they are swarming inside your home, look at your walls, look at your ceilings, look at your floors. See if you can determine where exactly they are coming from."

Once you know where they are coming from you can look to see if there are any holes in the wood. If so, you need to call a pest control company as soon as possible.

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