Vancleave Teens Visit Biloxi Vets

Vancleave High School students took a walk down memory lane Friday.

Senior Anne King said "We just wanted to be able to mingle with our veterans and get to know them more".

For Anne King and other Junior Civitan members, it was their first visit to the Biloxi VA.

One veteran commented "You all dress good and dress nice".

The teens heard war stories of the past and shared their patriotism through poetry they wrote.

Anne read a poem "Tall we stand, not on our knees. For in our hearts, our flags fly free".

The students also came face-to-face with the emotional wounds that still linger. Three girls gathered around a veteran and asked "Do you want us to stay with you for awhile"?

But with an encouraging smile, a simple touch, and a few kind words, all worries washed away, at least for the day.

Sophomore Kathleen King said "It's been uplifting, helping these people unleash their feelings, and telling their stories".

Anne said "It is very emotional. It is. It brings it right to your heart".

It goes to show, you don't have to honor America's heroes just on Veterans Day.