Biloxi VA: We have to fix these problems

The VA has been rocked by scandal all across America.

Controversy centers on charges that veterans are being denied prompt access to health care.

The Biloxi VA is part of a national effort to fix the problems.

"These issues concern me and my team," said Director Anthony Dawson.

The director of the Biloxi VA is fully aware of the urgent call that has come out demanding a resolution t6o a growing crisis over veteran's health care.

The director admits problems have existed in the system for years and there is a tremendous need to search for answers.

"This isn't anything new. We've been experiencing an increase in workload for decades. What we have to do is continue to work to make sure veterans receive care in as timely a manner as possible," Dawson said.

President Obama has stressed the need to review policies at the VA.

Some veterans have died waiting for appointments.

26 VA facilities are being investigated. The Gulf Coast Health center is not one of them.

Director Dawson takes this matter seriously.

"One thing that I will never discount is how veterans feel about the care they have earned and they deserve. We need to educate them on how the system works and that their seen on time," said Dawson.

The Veteran's Administration is in the process of initiating reforms to streamline services.

"We do have challenges as far as making sure they have access to our system. It needs to be more efficient and timely. We work on that everyday to meet the needs of our veterans," according to Chief of Staff Dr. Kenneth Simon.