Jury finds Daniel Snyder guilty; sentencing set for Friday

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Pascagoula Police officer will soon find out how many years, if any, he will spend behind bars. A Jackson County jury found Daniel Snyder guilty Thursday of felony leaving the scene of an accident. Back in February of last year, the off duty officer struck teenager Kaytlynn Brann with his truck as she was walking on a road. She later died from her injures.

Daniel Snyder stood motionless as the guilty verdict was read. Behind Snyder were Kaytlynn Brann's mom, dad and other family members who were overcome with emotion. They say they're relieved the man who killed their loved one will finally be held responsible for his actions.

"The whole thing was terrible and the whole thing was avoidable and there is nothing else to say," the victim's father, Keith Brann said.

"It came out the way I wanted it to: He is guilty, he is going to jail, and at least there was some justice for my daughter," Kristen Brann said.

Snyder's Attorney Keith Miller called no witnesses during his client's three day trial. But during opening and closing arguments, he defended Snyder's actions saying he did what he could to help the injured teen before she died.

"He stopped, he called 911 and he gave all his information. The only thing he didn't do was stay at the scene the entire amount of time," Miller said.

Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence disagreed and argued that Snyder was drinking alcohol before he got behind the wheel and that is why he fled the scene after the accident.

"I think they [jurors] felt like he violated the law and for that. You should be held accountable like any other citizen."

Lawrence said while he pleased with the verdict, it's important to remember the victim. Kaytlynn was lost just few days after her 16th birthday.

"We had a conversation that this verdict does not bring Kaytlynn back. It is one of those tragedies that you don't want to live as a parent, but I am glad the justice system worked," Lawrence said.

The defense plans to appeal the guilty verdict. Snyder faces up to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. He sentencing is set for Friday at 9am.

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