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Shooting spree kills Jackson toddler

Armon Burton Armon Burton
Bullet holes in the family's home Bullet holes in the family's home
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Multiple shots were fired and an innocent child, caught in the cross fire, died. Three year old Armon Burton, was killed while he was sleeping inside his west Jackson home just after midnight Thursday morning. Jackson Police are searching for his killer.

Assistant Chief Lee Vance says this was a senseless killing and the person responsible needs to be behind bars. The child's family, devastated and in shock after finding out three year old Armon is the victim of a homicide.

"They killed a baby over a dog, are you serious?" said someone at the crime scene.

The house on Queen Marie Lane, riddled with bullet. One of those bullets snatched the life of three year old Armon Burton.

We got to make a change in the city," said Shannon Harris. "Anytime you can kill a three year old and go home and go to sleep, something is not right."

"When we went to the hospital, they just told us he was dead," said Erica Bracey, Armon's mother.

Bracey was at work when her son was shot.

"It doesn't seem real. I love my baby. I don't wish that on nobody," added Bracey.

We were able to speak to a neighbor who didn't want to appear on camera, but says she believes this senseless killing could have been prevented. The neighbor says 911 was called Wednesday evening around 8:30 when the first set of gunshots were fired.

"And we waited and hours passed and they never came," said the neighbor. "And the incident that occurred later around 12 am, I honestly believe could have been prevented had the police even shown up."

"We dispatched officers to the scene. We can verify that," said Assistant Chief Vance. "People will call, they don't want the police to come to their house and if they don't see the police actually come by their residence they will make the claim that the police didn't show up and actually, they don't know that."

Vance says the department has received some leads.

"We do have a bit of information we are working on, that we hope will develop in to suspects," said Vance.

"I just want you to know you took a young man's life and I pray you do the right thing and turn yourself in. The violence has got to stop sometime," said Harris.

"I just wish whoever did it would get found," added Bracey. "And I don't wish this on nobody and I hope nobody has to go through what we're going through right now."

If you know anything about the death of three year old Armon Burton, call the Jackson Police Department, 601-960-1234

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